Frac Sand Equipment

Product Types

A.J. Weller manufactures a variety of industrial wear products, from on-site mobile equipment to advanced piping systems. Frac sand can be transported using buckets, hoppers, and transfer chutes. Specialized screens are designed to sift out unwanted materials. Before use, however, you may want to invest in additional sand processing equipment to ensure optimum performance. Each product has been researched, designed, and tested to yield high quantities as an alternative to conventional or outdated equipment. Hydraulic fracking is performed under pressure in an intense environment, but A.J. Weller equipment exceeds industry standards. The WellerCLAD® family of products and technologies include frac sand equipment such WellerCLAD®, WellerCLAD PIPE®, and WellerPLUS 500 DS™. StandardWellerCLAD® has a high-yield strength A-36 base bonded with a mixture of chrome carbide, vanadium, and manganese. This is a bold improvement over more traditional chrome carbide overlay plates. In addition, the overlay chemistry can be changed by request to suit your needs or specifications.

High Performance Equipment

Sub-par fracking equipment has multiple downsides. Low-quality parts can be frustrating to work with, but they can also make your job site unsafe. In addition, inadequate or outdated tools can reduce your overall yield even while driving up your site’s drilling costs. Better equipment is designed to lower your operational costs while improving your profit margins. It will also be longer lasting, reducing your need for expensive and time-consuming replacements and repairs. A.J. Weller’s material processing equipment, on the other hand, delivers large quantities of tonnage at constant high abrasion levels. All of our high-grade materials are designed for high-impact use in multiple industries. The WellerCLAD® product line, in particular, is known for its weldability along with its consistent hardness and high temperature tolerances. WellerCLAD® composite overlay material is abrasion-resistant, which makes it the ideal tank lining material.

New Product Development

As the field of industrial hydraulic fracking continues to grow, the technologies and equipment used must keep up. A.J. Weller is dedicated to researching and exploring innovative technologies, which leads to new product development. Innovations have continued beyond the creation of the standard WellerCLAD® composite overlay material, with the introduction of WellerCLAD HYROC®, WellerCLAD RAZER®, and more. In addition, A.J. Weller is committed to ensuring that future work sites are safe and efficient. They have a highly skilled team comprised of engineers, welders, equipment operators, and fabricators working to make that a reality. In the meantime, current job sites can be improved with the introduction of high-quality frac sand equipment. For more information, call us at 318·925·1010 or fill out our brief contact form for a prompt reply.