Wear Solutions for Steel Manufacturing

Over time, steel has revolutionized the majority of modern industry and is playing a huge role in our everyday lives. Steel enables jet pilots to reach new heights and surgeons to perform the most delicate surgery with sterile, precision instruments.

Steel is critical simply because no other material has the same unique combination of strength, formability and versatility. Without being aware of it, society now depends on steel. Humankind’s future success in meeting challenges such as climate change, poverty, population growth, water distribution and energy limited by a lower carbon world depends on applications of steel. Steel plays a critical role in virtually every phase in our lives. The rails, roads and vehicles that make up our transport systems use steel. Steel provides a strong framework and connections in the buildings where we work, learn and live. It protects and delivers our water and food supply. It is a basic component in technologies that generate and transmit energy. –

With so much riding on this industry, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently is more important than ever.

Many Moving Parts

From transportation of raw iron ore, coke and lime into the plant all the way through transportation of the finished product, there are many areas where wear and tear or inefficiencies can slow down or halt production.

A.J. Weller Can Help

Just one example where A.J. Weller can help is with the bucket and chain conveyors that move raw materials into the blast furnace, which are at risk for abrasion and wear. The tremendous weight of these raw materials and fine dust that can settle into moving parts pose a problem to keeping the plant running smoothly. Our wear technology can help mitigate this and many other problems.

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A.J. Weller plays a key role in the manufacturing of steel and alloy wear products by partnering with our customers to ensure quality, safety and cost effectiveness. This partnership allows them provide their customers with tangible benefits from our wear products and solutions that will improve their competitive performance worldwide.