Wear Products for Chemical Plants & Industry

Like many manufacturing industries, the chemical industry is facing an uncertain future due to regulations and an increasingly global market.

“I can’t think of another time in my 30 years working in the chemicals sector where there has been so many variables and so much uncertainty,” Mike Shannon, Global Chair, Chemicals & Performance Technologies at KPMG, says.

Some companies are taking a long-term approach to their strategy, planning improvements and investments in development despite the future uncertainty. The Great Baton Rouge Business Report, predicts that:

“capital spending will grow by 7.8% in 2017 and 7.2% in 2018, and that the most dynamic growth will occur in the Gulf Coast region over the next five years.”

Cautious Investment

As the industry begins to cautiously invest in infrastructure, they must keep long-term maintenance in mind. To navigate this harsh environment, both in business and in production, it is imperative that the industry run efficiently and effectively. Maintenance plays a big part of this:

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, [Predictive Management] can reduce energy and maintenance costs by up to 30 percent, eliminate breakdowns 35 to 45 percent, and reduce downtime by up to 75 percent. In addition, optimizing a working machine can cut energy consumption by 20 to 25 percent.

Proven Solutions

This is where A.J. Weller can help. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff will help chemical plants minimize downtime, maximize efficiency and maximize safety while keeping the bottom line in mind. In the chemical industry, intense environments create a need for Weller Composite Technology™ wear products and applications. Weller’s time-proven wear solutions for chemical processing and manufacturing can be found in the world’s largest chemical assets.

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