Leader Among Steel Fabrication Companies Pushes Green Steel Technology™

Shreveport, Louisiana  - The A.J. Weller Corporation, a premier industrial wear technology specialist and the leader among steel fabrication companies in the US, is earning accolades for their pioneering work in Green Steel TechnologyTM. The industry benchmark for performance, the technology is used in the production of alloy steel wear plates for the most demanding applications.

Steel wear plates manufactured using Green Steel TechnologyTM hold up better than their conventional steel counterparts primarily because A.J. Weller uses this proprietary technology to engineer high?performance, durable products. The WellerSUPER 600TM is one such wear plate, a through?hardened alloy steel product that resists abrasion and impact in a way that no other wear plate on the market can match.

Manufacturers are well aware of the many disadvantages of low?quality wear parts, the biggest of which include high operational costs, lower profit margins, and compromised safety. Some steel fabrication companies produce substandard products that work at their ideal level for only a limited time.

A.J. Weller’s innovations in wear technology, however, offer companies products engineered to deliver 100% efficiency, resulting in uninterrupted workflows and a reduced risk of error. Examples of A.J. Weller products and technologies include overlay wear plate, super clean desulfurized alloy steel, reinforced ceramics, and advanced surface enhancements, all of which offer longer product shelf life and lead to an increased influx of revenue.

A.J. Weller has been serving the mining, power generation, cement and agricultural industries, among other sectors, for the last 30 years. The proprietary technologies they developed along the way have allowed them to perfect their internal processes and ensure that their Green Steel products can truly deliver the looked?for superior characteristics.

To know more about Green Steel TechnologyTM, WellerCLAD®, and more of A.J. Weller’s offerings for industrial processing facilities, visit www.AJWeller.com.

About A.J. Weller Corporation

A.J. Weller Corporation is a company that specializes in the manufacture of industrial wear products. Many of their clients are leaders in major industries – power, pulp and paper, cement, and bulk material handling, to name a few – that operate heavy industrial processing facilities in the US and around the world.

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