A.J. Weller Offers Longer-Lasting Alternative to Hard Chrome Plating

 Keithville, Louisiana  – The A.J. Weller Corporation is offering different industries the use of the WellerSUPER 600™ wear plate to enhance the performance and extend the service life of their different equipment. Featuring Weller’s Green Steel™, the wear plate offers performance that is comparable to hard chrome plating but lasts significantly longer.

A.J. Weller’s line of Green Steel Technology™ Wear Plate products serve as the industry standard for performance and lasting service. The WellerSUPER 600™ in particular was developed to provide superior abrasion resistance. At the moment, it is the only true 600-Brinell, super-clean, through-hardened wear plate available on the market.

The WellerSUPER 600™ features Brinell hardness, strength, flatness, formability, and long wear life throughout its width, length, and thickness. This is made possible by a through-hardening process and the use of virgin iron ore material. Its hardness is comparable to hard chrome plating, but it has better wear life and abrasion resistance throughout the entire plate and not just on a limited surface.

A.J. Weller offers a full array of state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities and techniques to allow users to make the most of the WellerSUPER 600™ as well as their other innovative wear products and composite technology materials. These include the WELLERITE® Custom Cast Pipe, which is best used for fuel lines, fine particle transportation, or other hard pipe requirements.

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